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JACLYN wants a baby before her eggs reach their USE BY date. At 37 years old, she thought that she’d have one by now. After all, she WAS married for 15 years. But her ex-husband said “having a baby would ruin us, and I love US” (barf). So imagine her surprise when she runs into him with his new wife, their 9 month old… and another one in

the oven. She’s tried online dating, but as her clock ticked louder and louder, she realized she already had a husband, and look how THAT turned out.

Then she realized: who needs a husband, when what you really need is a DONOR?

But in vitro fertilization is expensive and Jaclyn works at a non-profit. So she enlists her best friends to help her find 3 suitable men (smart, reasonably good-looking, kind and STD free) who she can sleep with on the day she’s most likely to conceive at a party no-one will ever forget - THE DONOR PARTY.

It seemed like a good idea at the time.

A raunch-com in the vein of BRIDESMAIDS, THE DONOR PARTY is a celebration of friendship and grabbing life by someone else’s balls.

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