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Maggie Moore(S)

Maggie Moorie(s) is a wonderfully twisted dark comedy that takes the audience on an unexpected journey through a seemingly ordinary small desert town. In this quirky locale, a bizarre series of events unfold as two women who share the same name are murdered just days apart. Police chief Jordan Sanders (Jon Hamm) is determined to solve the mystery of the murders while simultaneously grappling with the challenges of his tumultuous personal life. Tina Fey delivers a captivating, memorable performance as the nosy neighbor whose curiosity gets the better of her as she inadvertently becomes entangled with Hamm's character.

John Slattery's directorial prowess shines in this unique blend of crime, humor, and romance. While comparisons to the Coen brothers' work are inevitable given the film's darkly comedic tone and offbeat characters, Slattery's vision sets it apart as a refreshingly original take on the genre. The film's stellar cast, engaging plot, and Slattery's deft directorial hand create a cinematic experience that will keep audiences entertained until the end.––Jarod Neece

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