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Two sisters, Mia and Emma and their father move from the city to the country to live on a farm with their grandmother. They miraculously discover and befriend a baby unicorn named Rocco. Rocco has magical powers and gives the girls a little bit of luck and a lot of laughter which makes the adjustment to their new home and school a bit easier. But when the town's cowboy learns of Rocco, he steals him away from the girls to use Rocco's powers for himself. The two sisters set off on a wild adventure to save their new unicorn friend. This original story is full of heart, humor and magical adventures, perfect for the whole family.

Indy Entertainment’s Nancy Leopardi and Ross Kohn produced alongside Universal Studios 1440 division.


Ryan Kiera Armstrong

Summer Fontana

Kevin J. O'Connor

Jon Gries

Branscombe Richmond

Jonathan Lajoie

Chloe Webb


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