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Suburban mom Erin has a seemingly idyllic life--married to the wealthy and high-powered District Attorney Darren with two kids, teen daughter Amy and young son Charlie. But Erin has been hiding a secret... her marriage to Darren is far from perfect; he is manipulative, controlling, and worse, emotionally and physically abusive. After one terrifying evening, Erin realizes that this cannot go on and she must protect to her children, so she takes Amy and Charlie and goes on the run to seek shelter with her best friend in California. Darren refuses lose his "perfect family" and when he finds out they're gone, he uses his connections as DA to put out an "amber alert" for Charlie and convinces the press and the police that Erin is mentally unstable. Now Erin must find a way to get herself and her children to safety, before Darren--or the police--find her.


Sunny Mabrey

Jason Wiles

Trevor Donovan

Grace Van Dien

Courtney Henggeler

Produced By:

Ross Kohn & Nancy Leopardi 

Directed by:

Ross Kohn

Written By:

Adam Balsam


Amber Alert

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