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Nancy Leopardi

Nancy Leopardi is a member of the Producers Guild and The Directors Guild of America. She began her career in New York as the photo editor of Spin Magazine where she produced hundreds of magazine shoots for pop stars including  Madonna, The Wu Tang Clan, Smashing Pumpkins and Nine Inch Nails.


After moving to Los Angeles she produced genre films such as the independent thriller “Elevator”, SyFy channel’s Halloween horror pic “Zombie Night” and the documentary “Eat, Drink, Laugh: The Story of the Comic Strip”.


In 2014 Lifetime acquired her directorial debut “Nanny Cam” (starring India Eisley, Laura Allen and Cam Gigandet).  Her second feature as a director was a satirical take on the female driven thriller genre, “Lethal Seduction”, which premiered in 2015.


Recently Nancy and Ross produced the psychological thriller “Feed” for Sony Stage 6 and “Wish Upon A Unicorn” for Universal 1440, and “Literally Right Before Aaron” and “Happily” which both debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival. 


They are currently prepping a Jon Hamm and Tina Fey project filming Fall 2021 and have a dozen projects in development for 2022. 

Ross Kohn

Ross Kohn stands as a highly accomplished film producer, with an illustrious career that spans across studios, networks, and collaborations with A-list actors. Graduating from the University of Wisconsin with an economics degree, Kohn's initial foray into finance on Wall Street exemplifies his meticulous and risk-mitigated mindset. His decision to understand structured investments before venturing into the subjective world of filmmaking demonstrates his dedication to mastering his craft with a well-rounded approach.  

Over a decade ago, Ross fearlessly transitioned from finance to the film industry, starting from the ground up in Hollywood. He honed his skills by Producing micro budget projects which he sold to LIFETIME, showcasing an unwavering passion and tenacity for filmmaking while highlighting his entrepreneurial spirit.

Kohn's dedication and enthusiasm did not go unnoticed, as his talent caught the attention of industry veterans, leading to studio features such as "FEED" under the SONY banner, or the festival darling "HAPPILY," which he Produced alongside the charismatic Jack Black and his most recent film "Maggie Moore(s)" starring Tina Fey and Jon Hamm which premiered at the Tribeca film festival this summer. 


With an impressive portfolio of +20 films, Ross Kohn's career exemplifies his commitment to treating showbusiness as both an artform and a business. His profound understanding of Hollywood's financial intricacies and the complex process of physical production, combined with his passion for storytelling, has earned him both respect and admiration within the industry. 

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